The Atheist New Testament
Good day people,

I'm a Bachelor of Theology from the University of Helsinki. I'm currently working on my Master's Thesis in the field of Cognitive Science of Religion, which searches natural cognitive mechanisms that have promoted the spread and success of cross-culturally similar religious ideas. My focus is on leader representations, and I'm actually doing a study on the responses of Narendra Modi's followers.

But for this thread I would like to have your comments on my side project "The Atheist New Testament" -

It's a secular version of the events that lead to the birth and popularity of Christian beliefs. I've used knowledge from exegetics and social psychology to compile the story.

Please feel free to comment and thank you for your feedback!

PS. I'm a huge fan of India, been there twice! - In quest of trans-religious amity through Cognitive Science of Religion. (Website still in process)

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