The Boy with the incredible brain
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Eek It is really amazing!

I saw Rain Main and was really impressed. This guy, Daniel Tammet ( is even more awesome! He's a brain ninja! Ninja
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Isnt this great?
As an aside, three cheers to all those neuro-scientists that further our understanding of the brain. We spend much of our time fighting against the God delusion, but we also need to spend time fighting against the soul-delusion, and all this knowledge of the brain helps. I have only argued against religion with religious people in my immediately family, haven't started on the soul yet.

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Finally had a chance to watch this incredible documentary. I think we should see an increase in numbers of such savants as new technologies change our environment and helps people navigate through any small difficulties in picking up on social cues. Usually such traits are not discrete but part of a continuum, and along with conditions such as autism, are bound to increase in the population as technology helps us overcome what would have been considered debilitating in the past.

The education system must also evolve to accommodate different learning styles that might apply to different types of individuals.

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~ J.B.S.Haldane, on being asked to falsify evolution.

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