'The Ramayana was real'
The Ramayana is obviously a good story, but it's just that. It is impossible to imagine any time when such fantastical creatures such as flying monkeys and talking birds existed. It is also not difficult to accept that people back in the time when the epic was written had an imagination, and didn't have to base everything that they wrote necessarily on things that they saw. Claims such as "the air plane was first invented in India" have now become commonplace because of the wide acceptance of such mythological stories as truth. However, just because a "flying chariot" is written about in the story does not mean that such a thing actually existed. it was obviously the imagination of the author. Another fact that needs emphasis is that all the great mythologies were passed down from generation to generation as "oral traditions", meaning they transmitted by word of mouth. the story just kept getting more fantastical with each re-telling. The fact that the majority of the population was uneducated, and that Sanskrit was a language only for the elite meant that most people did not have access to the original story, if there even was such a thing.

I viewed a dramatic portrayal of the Ramayana a few years ago, and though it was commendable, it is blindingly simple to ascertain that the events being portrayed are not true. I have also read certain versions of the book, all of which vary on different points, and none of which matched with the play. So who got it right, the authors of the modern re-tellings of the Ramayana or the dramatic artists? Even the recent television adaptations of the epic differ substantially from the books that are available, as the screenwriters are obviously putting in their inputs to make an entertaining show. The bottom line is that we should not spend our lives believing in evidently untrue story.

The person who said even Harry Potter has to be real by the logic that the Ramayana is real is absolutely right, as J.K. Rowling has performed a commendable job of describing London city and King's Cross Station, both of which are real places, thus making the boy wizard a real entity. Such statements may spawn hate in this country, however i am of the opinion that such hate is absolutely unwarranted and we are better off having discussions of events that actually occurred than some Game of Thrones like fantasy.
I had an interesting discussion with a zealous but somewhat disingenuous young man on Quora. I took screenshots and annotated them in red.

[Image: mfxvfhj.png]

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