The man who 'sees' Virgin Mary every day
I just saw this and I nearly threw up... it's dumbfuckery of epic proportions, not to mention a massive journalism FAIL from the BBC. (Mods, I think the profanity is well-justified here.)

The man who 'sees' Virgin Mary every day
Allan Little heads to the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, where many believe the Virgin Mary appears daily.

This is what I wrote just now when I posted this on my Facebook wall:

"Hey, BBC! I have been seeing and talking to UNICORNS for the last 30 years! For real! Come on down to Bangalore for a special audience with me! (Headsets Rs. 999/- only.)"
I think it may be a bit unfair to criticize BBC reporting for this. Aren't they just reporting a phenomenon in that village? The phenomenon being that so many people are flocking there under the impression that Virgin Mary appears there.

I find it appalling that so many people are credulous enough to go there, just because one man claims to see an apparition.
Aditya Manthramurthy
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LOL, sometimes stupidity looks so wonderful, we can't even realize what is stupid.... He said " pretty much looks like statue" No one know, how she looks like, no photograph nor anything.. she was there 2000 years back, we don't even have any perception of her.. she might black because she was in desert.. or she might be short, average height of people was 4.5 ft 2000 years back...

I do not doubt his sincerity, but he might be hallucinating..

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