Translating the 'Pale Blue Dot' to Indian languages
I can do the Bengali version. Hopefully, other members will be able to do it in the other Indian languages.

Probably someone with a good skill over Hindi should translate it first, so I can have a few 'inspirations'! I'm not the brightest you know! :P
Great idea, Nat.

The reason why that video is popular is because Sagan has a very soothing voice. He sounds like one would imagine a pop philosopher would. We have to ensure that any and all local translations are voiced over in a way to ensure maximum impact.

I have a terrible monotone voice. I sound better drunk, but still not good enough to to a Sagan. Surrender
We can get some voice-over artists. RJs seem to be quite popular these days, thanks to FM channels. And they might not be too hard to approach. But we need a good translator first!
Natselrox, stellar idea! Unfortunately, I cannot contribute (unless someone wants to make a comedy version in broken vernacular). But I'd love to see how this idea pans out. One of you must take it up as a mission. Natselrox? It was your idea...Rolleyes

If I may make a small suggestion.. instead of trying to recreate the personality that is propelled through by Sagan's voice, focus on making a decent quality audio recording of the piece in your own voice. Just make sure to time it right, and to get the translation right. I volunteer to sync each person's voice recording with the video, and to upload them all under the Nirmukta banner with credit to the translator and a brief message to all Indians. We can then post the entire series on Nirmukta and try and get and P.Z. Myers to link to us. I think this is one of those things that we can actually use for both publicity as well as for educational purposes.
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Sure thing, Ajita! I'll definitely try and record the Bengali version by August. Done deal. Natselrox da promise! smile
I'll try the Tamil version. I think we've to be a bit careful with the translation, coz, just plain translation might not in some cases grasp the essence of what is being said even though the translation itself is correct. In such cases we have to find an equivalent expression in the language being translated to, but be careful not to alter the original message. I think the best thing to do is to pass the recordings among ourselves and critique it and rerecord if necessary, before we put it onto video.
Sure thing, Bala.
I've written english subtitles for The Pale Blue Dot. Here is a copy of the video:

(I was just testing my subtitling software)

It may help people to translate it to Indian languages. :-)
Aditya Manthramurthy
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I agree, the message might be lost in a literal translation. So we'll have to keep this in mind.

@Donatello, nice. It'll surely help. I am not good enough in Hindi, or I'd have helped out for the Hindi translation. :S
English subtitles are updated on the Pale Blue Dot video. See
I fixed a number of embarrassing errors with my friends' help.

Also, I've tracked down the music in the background of the video. It is an excerpt from Heaven and Hell by Vangelis. Here is the relevant part for the Carl Sagan video:

EDIT: Corrected second link.
Aditya Manthramurthy
Web Administrator & Associate Editor
Also, I've found a full transcript for the video at

So, no point for my subtitled video, but I am leaving it on anyway. I've fixed even more mistakes in it.

I guess that should complete all the required materials to do the translation itself, right?
Aditya Manthramurthy
Web Administrator & Associate Editor

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