Translations of The God Delusion (where do we find them?)
Thanks both for providing these resources. This maybe a good opportunity to remind ourselves and perhaps resume some ongoing translation projects and add more languages to them.

Pale Blue Dot
- Trigger thread with many iterations of a Tamil translation (Link)
- Thread with drafts of Tamil, Hindi and Kannada translations (Link)

OUT campaign
- Thread with Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali translations (Link)
- Some of the finished products in the Out Campaign India page (Link)

I am sure there is also a lot of homegrown rationalist literature for which English translations maybe useful. Perhaps the regional groups can provide good talent pools for translators. TED talks allow volunteers to transcribe and subtitle talks and we can perhaps have informal teams to subtitle some talks particularly relevant to the movement.

Often, we have regional language posts in the pan-Indian groups on Facebook. Perhaps it will help if a guideline requesting translations (from the poster or other members) for all non-English posts is added to the member guidelines. Eventually it might help to have some standard locations (tabs or dedicated blogs) for members who wish to communicate in Indian languages of their choice.

Edit (19/03/2012) : Added link to forum post on TED talk translation.
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