Typical reactions to criticism of God / Godmen
(04-Apr-2010, 10:39 AM)Krishna Wrote:
Quote: sA hainamuvAcha na aham etat veda tAta yadgotrastvamasi
bahvahaM charantI parichAriNI yauvane tvAmalabhe
sAhametanna veda yadgotrastvamasi jabAlA tu nAmAhamasmi
satyakAmo nAma tvamasi sa satyakAma eva jAbAlo bravIthA iti ||4.4.2||

The following is Max Muller's translation of the above stanza.

She said to him: 'I do not know, my child, of what family thou art. In my youth when I had to move about much as a servant (waiting on the guests in my father's house), I conceived thee. I do not know of what family thou art. I am Gabali by name, thou art Satyakama (Philalethes). Say that thou art Satyakama Gabala.'


In this translation, from where can "waiting on guests in my father's house" be inferred?

I think Max Mueller was mistaken just like Shankaracharya was. How can a maidservant "move about much as a servant" and at the same time "waiting on the guests in my father's house?" A maidservant moves about working for families that hire her services. Who those families are can only be conjectured.

If you scroll down in the discussion at HinduDharmaForums, you will find an even more graphic description of the maidservant by Prabhupada. He refers to this woman as a prostitute!

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