Unani Bonesetting
Apparently, this bonesetter in mysore is all the rage when it comes to fixing back pain issues.

Quote:A traditional Unani practitioner is promising relief to spondylitis patients without any drugs or surgery.

Though physicians are not suggesting any cure for the condition, Dr Mehboob Khan from Mysore claims to give patients a painless life treating all kinds of the spondylitis -- ankylosing spondylitis, cervical spondylites and upper shoulder pains.

Quote:Elaborating on the method of spotting the affected part and treatment, the 54-year-old doctor said the procedure involved repositioning the affected part with a mild press after locating it.

A belt is tied around the waist of the patient who is asked to lie down. A gentle press on the affected part cures the patient of his ailment, he claimed.

I've heard some incredible anecdotes regarding this guy from someone very close ("Fixes the problem in seconds"!). So, is this guy and his method of treatment for real?

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