Vedic power generation (based on Purusha Sukta !)
(19-Jan-2011, 11:15 PM)arvindiyer Wrote: Vedic power generation (based on Purusha Sukta !)

From the article:

The first shlokha of purusha-sooktha reads as follows:

Sahasra sirsha purusha: | sahasraksha: sahasrapaa |
Sa bhUmim vishvato vRtvA | atyatishTad daSAngulam ||

If it is deciphered normally, we get the following meaning:

With Thousands of heads, Thousands of eyes, and Thousands of feet, he (the supreme god) moves, as all of creation verily is he uncountable. He is beyond the grasp of the hands of men.

Now let us see how Mr. Satish Chandra has deciphered:

Out of the ten directions, in 8 directions excluding earth and sky and by firmly installing 8 gadgets (alternators) on the circumference of a circle, which contains numerous positive and negative charges, such that each one will face their own charges i.e. positive to positive and negative to negative and by rotating a runner like earth in a cylindrical way (in the centre) in between them will generate energy.

LOL. Thats like saying
blah blah blah blah = Maxwell's Equations. Seriously, these people are mad.
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There's one thing that can be easily looked up. This claim:

Quote:"Recently he got about 10 million dollar funding from Tesla University and he is planning to file a joint patent for his innovation and take it forward."

I can't even find a Tesla University, let alone verify if they gave this moron $10,000,000.
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Yet another perpetual motion machine crank.

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