Vivekananda-Why him and why now?
I was just reading this. I mainly want to ask what books or texts will introduce me to Vivekananda's thought (Hint:I distrust books by true believers) and a general critique of his ideas.

All I have heard in critical texts is he preached 'muscular Hinduism' similar to the 'muscular Christianity' discourse which he held responsible for India's enslavement and 'emasculation'. I would like a detailed critique.

Also as an aside,why is the BJP and Modi constantly displaying Vivekananda in public functions and interviews? Should we be happy that the new icon of the Hindu Right seems to be a moderate spiritualist?

PS-Also I would be interested in a critique of Savarkar (I have read this.). He was a known Hindu supremacist yet all Marathi people,even lefties, are supposed to adore him.
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Here is something you might be interested in.

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