Web-Design & Development volunteers needed - Help us promote Freethought in India!
Nirmukta is expanding! The Nirmukta.com website now has a new look and these forums are doing great. But as we make plans to register as an organization and expand our online activism and outreach, our web-team also needs to expand and take in new members interested in working for the cause of promoting science and reason in India.

Currently we are in need of:

1. Graphics designers
2. Wordpress experts and those with PhP, CSS and MySQL knowledge.
3. Wikipedia editors
4. Anyone who knows how to customize Facebook pages using appropriate plugins and html code.

If interested, please contact us by posting a comment on this thread.

Thank you!
The Nirmukta Web-team
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I am a Software Developer , working with C#,VB.net , ASP.net and SQL Server for the last five and half years. I have also expertise in Javascript,XML,XSS,XPath,HTML,CSS,jQuery,Ajax. I can be of help in expansion and growth of Nirmukta online network with my skills. I have forwarded my resume to Lalit for the web development team to go through it and assess my capabilities.

Thank you.
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Hi, I guess its very late reply. But i am a software developer. I have experience in PHP, HTML, CSS and web dev in general. and facebook pages as well. But that was around a year back. But i can still look up current facebook api and help. Please let me know how i can i contribute. I also know about digital marketing in general.


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