What is nothingness? Why gods can't exist? Why space is finite?
Fundamental Theory Of Existence.

God(s) can not exist.Space can not be infinite and it is timeless.There is no beginning and an end to the existence of the World.Numbers are infinite but number of apples (existence) can not be infinite.....


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(13-Feb-2011, 12:52 PM)way12go Wrote: Space can not be infinite and it is timeless.

Why can't space 'be infinite' and what does it mean to say that the earth is timeless?

(13-Feb-2011, 12:52 PM)way12go Wrote: There is no beginning and an end to the existence of the World.

Actually, the world had a beginning.

As pointed out by Arvind Iyer on a different thread, we freethinkers must critically examine our own views as much as those of others. We could refute many specific and popularly ascribed arguments for this entity called god, and we would be right.
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Can I suggest that you back up a little bit, and start off by introducing yourself, and why you are trying to "prove" stuff about space and god and trying to engage this community in that process? Just trying to not reinvent the wheel.
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What is nothingness ?

Well some might attribute it to vacuum but I am rather inclined to say that your question needs to be more defined. Within the confines of science even vacuum cannot be thought of nothingness. Quantum mechanics has led us to infer that vacuum has non zero energy field which can be pictured as many particles being constantly produced and constantly decaying, hence even true vacuum is not nothingness. Just for your information

Why space is finite ?

Well there is a simple answer, observable space will always be finite. The trouble is, from a point of view of physics one can only talk about the observable universe that is governed by our horizon, given by the speed of light(3,00,000 km/s) times the age of our universe (roughly 13.7 billion years from WMAP data). That does not mean that space does not extend beyond to infinity. Well we do not know. There are some hypotheses that suggest something of this nature is true, but until such time their testable predictions are correlated with observed data they are at best just hypotheses, elegant though they may be but nonetheless just hypotheses.

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To add to what Preshanth said, the reason that a complete vacuum, free of any particles at all is forbidden by Quantum Mechanics because such a thing would violate Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, in that you would be able to predict both the position and momentum of particles (which don't exist, by the way) in a complete vacuum.

A demonstrable example of particles popping into existence in a vacuum is the Casimir Effect.
numbers are infinite and apples are not becauseperhaps, wait let me think. Apples are not numbers?

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