What's wrong with the Indian party system?
Let me share with you, what I think, is the fundamental flaw in India's party system. Imagine this scenario.

Raju is a good person. He wants to be a good politician and serve the people. With good intentions, Raju joins the party X. Since Raju is a new member of X, the party makes him a spokesperson.

Suppose, one fine morning, the party takes a real bad decision, say, retaining a corrupt chief minister. The media, furious like anything, asks the tough question repeatedly: "Why hasn't your party fired the corrupt CM?"

Raju's morality suggests, "Yes, my party is doing wrong". His sense of service tells, "Yes, my party is cheating the people". In other words, Raju is still the good person he was. He wasn't the one who took the bad decision. However, Raju, as spokesperson, is responsible to answer. But he can't speak what he thinks.

Being spokesperson, he's required to defend the party position, even if it goes against his personal principles. Can he change the party decision? No, the party is run by the senior leaders and money. Can he speak his mind? No, he's denied free speech unless he is ready to resign from the party and thus suffer the consequences. In short, Raju's job is to defend his party positions in all circumstances, however outrageous and improper they maybe to his conscience.

I say party pressure is the no.1 evil in Indian politics. It breeds attitudes of compromise and subservience to authority in our politicians. It's no wonder if politicians grow rogue and turn evil with time.

Pragmatists might be tempted to educate me; that politics is all about making small compromises in order achieve the greater good (or something like that).

At the moment that might be right but that's the opposite of the way it should really be. The system should encourage and preserve good intentions in all people — especially in politicians for they are the drivers of democracy. If the drivers themselves are pressured to compromise on the safety of us, the passengers, then what can we hope for?

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