When Black Metal's Anti-Religious Message Gets Turned on Islam
From The Atlantic

Quote: Death informs every part of Anahita's world. She says she was raised in a Muslim home in Baghdad by parents who were "open minded" and "not strict." A suicide bomb—"by a Muslim guy of course," Anahita wrote—killed her parents and her younger brother during the Iraq War, and she said she has since seen religiously motivated violence hurt some of her college friends too. "What keeps the fire burning is that I live every day in the memories of my parents and friends, and every day the people try to threaten me," she said. "That's why I am full of hate." Fittingly, in Arabic, "Janaza," the name of her band, is a funeral prayer for the dead.
Also from the article:
Quote: "The goals of Janaza and Seeds Of Iblis are to show the world that Islam is dangerous," she said, "and even the people who live in the Middle East get hurt by this religion and seek for freedom of speech, just like the other people from all over the world."
"It's alright, I rarely meet anyone who's able to read it properly. Although personally, I never thought that it to be an odd of a name. Once I give people the pronunciation, they tend to remember my name by easily associating me with it. A unique face, a unique moniker."

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