Why Atheism+ is need of the hour
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LMC Wrote:Atheism is simple but not sufficient, there are people who are not only atheists, who would like to do something more than just laugh at how stupid theists are.
Thanks to dawkins,hitchens so accessible, being an atheist is no longer a big deal, idiot and asshole atheists can easily exist.
Greta Christina had pointed out that richard carrier position could have been phrased better in one of her tweets.

LMC Wrote:Greta takes a lot of real life examples to point out how atheism communities are screwed up and why we need A+
(The FAQ of atheism+ before starting at http://freethoughtblogs.com/blaghag/2012...t-atheism/)

A 15 year old girl posted a photo of herself holding a Carl Sagan book to r/atheism, and got a flood of rape jokes in return.

A leader of a major skeptical organization speculated on the causes of low female attendance at his conference… and blamed it on women who were speaking out about sexual harassment.

A widely respected and beloved atheist celebrity publicly called a woman he disagreed with a cunt. And when this was brought up and criticized in an atheist blog,
The comments were flooded with people defending him, and defending his use of the word.

As part of a dispute about feminism, an atheist blogger and local atheist organization leader publicly posted Surly Amy’s addr Why was that not “divisive”?

A popular atheist videoblogger deliberately tried to trigger a rape victim, by posting graphic threats of rape. Why was that not “divisive”?

A thread was posted on an atheist forum posing the question, “Would it be immoral to rape a Skepchick? Not for sexual gratification or power or anything like that, just because they’re so annoying.”

The suggestion was made that atheist and skeptical conferences, like virtually every other conference in the world, should have sexual harassment policies and codes of conduct, because some women had had bad experiences at cons of sexual harassment and other assaults and invasive behavior. And it sparked a firestorm of controversy, in which the very idea of harassment policies at conferences was derided as unnecessary and repressive, and in which women advocating these policies were targeted with hatred, abuse, vilification, slander, invasion of privacy, and graphic threats of violence, rape, and death.

When atheist women speak out about online threats and harassment, we routinely get told that we should shut up about it because it’s “feeding the trolls.”

A female public figure in the atheist movement spoke about an incident where she was approached in an inappropriate time and place; said, “Guys, don’t do that”… and as a direct result, has been targeted with an unstoppable torrent of hatred, abuse, vilification, slander, and graphic threats of violence, rape, and death. A torrent that has lasted for over a year, and that continues to this day. And mentioning her name in any context starts the fight all over again.

A significant stream in the atheist movement — a minority, but not a trivial minority, and a very visible one — is actively devoted to driving feminists out of atheism. A significant stream in the atheist movement is allied with the Men’s Rights Activist movement: a movement that is being scrutinized by the Southern Poverty Law Center(http://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2...-movement/), the organization that exposes and fights hate groups. And these atheists consistently use hateful MRA language and ideas in their ongoing harassment of women.

The reality for prominent feminist women in the atheist movement is that harassment, hate, and threats have become routine. The reality is that, when an atheist targets me with a brutal, graphic threat of rape and sexualized death, directed personally at me by name — as happened just last week — my basic reaction is, “Oh, yeah. This again.” (http://freethoughtblogs.com/greta/2012/0...nazi-slut/)
And this has an effect on women who aren’t public figures. I get emails and comments all the time from women who tell me, “I’m an atheist, I really want to be part of the atheist community and the atheist movement… but WTF? How can I possibly be part of this?” Every feminist atheist blogger I know gets these emails and comments.

And the reality for me — a reality that makes me sick and sad, a reality that I can hardly bear to talk about — is that, as a public figure, the people I fear the most, the people I am most genuinely concerned about doing me physical harm, are not religious extremists. The people I fear most are other atheists.

There is no way for an atheist movement to be inclusive of everyone. An atheist movement cannot be inclusive of atheist women… and also be inclusive of people who publicly call women ugly, fat, sluts, whores, cunts, and worse; who persistently harass us; who deliberately invade our privacy and make our personal information public; and/or who routinely threaten us with grisly violence, rape, and death.

LMC Wrote:On the "with us or against us" issue, greta said:

"I said at the beginning, and I’ll say again: If you’re wary about Atheism Plus and want to see where it’s going before you decide whether to get involved… that’s fine with me. If you understand the motivations behind Atheism Plus, but prefer to align with another segment of the godless community, such as secular humanism… that’s fine with me. If you can see why people would want to form Atheism Plus, but personally prefer to keep your activism focused on more traditional atheist issues… that’s fine with me.

But I am sick to death of people calling me “divisive” for not wanting to work with people who despise me, who abuse me as a matter of routine, and who have been working for a solid year to drive me out of the movement. I am sick to death of people calling Atheism Plus “divisive”… and yet somehow not applying that word to the hate, abuse, harassment, violation of privacy, threats, and more that women in this community are subjected to as a matter of course, or to the stubborn, hyper-skeptical, willfully ignorant defenses of those behaviors. I am sick to death of people calling Atheism Plus “divisive”… and yet somehow not applying that word to the shit that motivated people to form Atheism Plus in the first place."

The points of atheism+ are
"Atheists plus we care about social justice,
Atheists plus we support women’s rights,
Atheists plus we protest racism,
Atheists plus we fight homophobia and transphobia,
Atheists plus we use critical thinking and skepticism."
It's simply respecting other human beings and being a good human being oneself.
It's fine if someone does not want to pro-actively work for them, one can have other things higher up in priorities but if one proactively works against them, they are not welcome, they are the enemies, but not like the way religious would view others as enemies, the worst that would be done would be calling them out or shunning them at meets or removing from the groups.

LMC Wrote:On the why atheism+ when we already have humanism
here are 4 articles worth checking out:

Here's an excerpt which I believe answers most of the querries
"“Atheism plus” is not trying to re-define atheism. That’s the whole point of the “plus” part. “Atheism” still just means “not believing in any gods.” “Atheism plus” means “not believing in any gods — plus caring about and working towards social justice.” Many of us have decided that “not believing in any gods” isn’t enough. Many of us have decided that we’re no longer willing to work with people who say we’re stupid, who say we’re lazy, who say we’re freaks of nature, who say they want to kick us in the cunt — or who say these things about our friends and colleagues and compadres — just because they happen to not believe in God. If you want to participate in an atheist community that focuses entirely on atheism, to the point where it ignores the fact that many women, people of color, poor people, trans people, and other marginalized people do not currently feel welcomed in it… be my guest. I, for one, am moving on."
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