Why do we need god?
I bet we have all seen this, the ad is funny but that is indeed the reason why people believe in god,

I would like to create counter virals and share on IA page,please help me with it.
The idea is to search and post breathtaking images of nature with explanation of natural phenomenon with the idea that we need no gods, we all know that we do not know everything ,but if we know enough we can get rid of the need to believe.
Also if the photo is lovely enough in by itself ,no description may be needed like this:
[Image: 532672_10150761290298372_773577756_n.jpg]

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+ Also some breath-taking science/technology pics?
If there is no god, who will produce 'miracles' [Image: Ekso-11_thumb.jpg]
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thats a great pic jagan. and a great quote to go with it.
That's brilliant jagan, ok how about this:

Do you really need god to tell you to be good?

[Image: 546315_369598506432372_1893344092_n.jpg]
[Image: 558697_327458877313002_370828910_n.jpg]
[Image: 430542_302883166437240_1272637649_n.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-1.png]
on this 2 pics.
1,2 & 3 -> defence related, the message might get corrupted by opinions of people of US Mil/Iraq/Af & other situations.
4 is a bit condescending? . ( do we know that , the dude is not some 'pastor' doing 'gods work'?
We could have more clear cut pics?

ya i was thinking the same after posting, but you get the message,right? these were just quick google searches but there are several organisations doing good without god, i am sure we will get some images,also publicize them.
fixed up the image with text

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I could NOT resist, pillars of creation. any better captions?    

aw jagan. actually i did this image already with the quote you previously posted. it will be posted in IA soon.
indomitable me, with the next one smile. a play on the 'religion as a crutch' & 'free floating astronaut' and
(15-Jun-2012, 09:01 PM)bala Wrote: aw jagan. actually i did this image already with the quote you previously posted. it will be posted in IA soon.
I was a bit afraid that people might mis-understand the previous quote. that we were *Gasp* promoting God

I don't like that scarlet 'A's there,they seem sort of forced upon those.But images and quotes are are great smile
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