Why is eating beef prohibited in Hinduism?
Btw if cow piss/shit contains medical properties (according to Hindus) then shouldn't cow meat be even more benificial?
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[fon‌t=Times New Roman] I chanced upon this thread, while searching for an answer to a similar query. This thread has been dead for nearly two years now. It felt like waking up a sleeping dragon! Oops

I feel this thread is a good analogy of how religions might have changed (not necessarily evolved) down the centuries. Biggrin

Coming back to the original topic.
I haven't read the Vedic scriptures or any of the books that are held in high religious reverence. But, if some of the online sources are to be believed, then there are no references to any kind of dietary restrictions in those scriptures. From the materials I have perused, I have come to the following conclusion:

Most of the societies that developed in ancient India, were agro-based. People settled down, learned farming, domesticated cattle and subsequently found its many uses.

Cows give nourishing milk (+ milk products like curd, butter, cheese, etc). Cow-dung, which is used a manure. Male-calf, as the bull used to plough the fields. Maybe, even for meat. People must have realised that a cow alive is worth more than a dead one. Down the years, keeping cows became a symbol of wealth and stature in the society. People started to emotionally associate with their cows and showered them with lavish offerings when harvest was good. These took the form of traditions. With the advent of religions such as Buddhism and Jainism, killing a cow (or any other living being) became more of a taboo.

It is something similar to keeping a dog as a pet. The idea of putting it on our plates is preposterous. We become so emotionally involved with our pets, give it gifts, shed tears when it dies, give it a proper burial. Then, there is the celeb culture. There are people who start to follow them with such fervour and zeal, that it all seems improbable. Any attack on them is considered an attack on their individual identities. There are temples devoted to actors in the south of India! Face Palm Something similar must have happened, as to how Hindus came to worship the cow.

No traditions must have appeared at one definite and sharp point of time. It must have taken centuries to develop and then evolve and then, degrade into something without any rationale. Traditions and ideas mutate as our cells and organisms do. It may be good, maybe bad.
As Lije replied earlier,
Quote:And over time the practice has accrued irrational baggage (like decreeing the cow as holy).

[fon‌t=Times New Roman]Yes, maybe people in ancient India might have been wary of the ill-effects of eating beef. Then again, any thing eaten in excess is bad for health! [/font]

[fon‌t=Times New Roman]As for the buffalo, they were used for the same purposes as well. But, didn't found as much acceptance as the cow, maybe because they are found in certain pockets of India. Domestication is tougher. Maintaining a buffalo is expensive. The species of buffalo found in India are the river buffalo and the swamp buffalo, which require being submerged in water or being coated with mud for thermo-regulation, i.e to maintain their body heat. Buffalo milk has lesser nutritional value.[/font]

N.B The aforementioned are my personal views and I have no intention of imposing them on anyone. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Thanks.

Regards. Thumbup
The "do not eat beef" dictate of Hinduism is impractical. Beef consumption gives you muscle strength. This rule was made in Hinduism when no other religion conquered India with sword in hands. Post Islamic invasions nothing has remained same. Even the Dwaita Hindu ideology is an influence of Islam. One has to be strong to defend ones country. The only caution is of consuming beef in moderation, failing which heart diseases and blood pressure ailments may follow.

Brahmins used to consume beef. All Indians used to consume beef of the cow that had stopped giving milk. The bulls were consumed on death. The Vedic deities were sacrificed cows and bulls that agreed to the above conditions.

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