Why should any woman wear "Thali" or "Burqua"?
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Is this not the tip of the iceberg? I mean in India there is not much of social support than what ones family provides. Thus the burden of the vulnerable members of the society like the old, sick or the children is the concern of the whole family. While nuclear families can manage to feign indifference because of better economics or education, the majority of Indians live under the protection of the unit called family. Thus the reproductive or sexual rights of the members of the family are directly linked to the economics of the family. Thus what you wear or who you marry or how many children you have, or what their gender are- all have a direct link to the monetary level of the family. This kind of community brings about restriction on both men and women. While women have to deal with personal freedom, misogyny and outright abuse, men have to deal with the burden of their own. What they read, how smart they are, what job they do, how much they earn, and level of obedience to become value adding members of the family are what both members of the society have to face in their own terms. Removing a symbol like a tali or a burka is an interesting step in moving forward, but it is time for the titanic to understand the actual nature of the iceberg.
because they know that its the right thing to do

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