Why women are tabooed when they are/become atheist, apatheist or agnostic ?
Warm Greetings to every reader,

I am very happy to be a part of this community. I always wondered if there is any women who is not adherent of religion.
I am born in a Hindu, and that too, in a "Brahman" family which is very religious and conservative. I always questioned the existence of any super power or so called God. I was forced to believe, pray or perform some religious rituals and ceremonies because I am a woman. When I spoke about the equality of all human, i did not receive any encouragement because caste discrimination is prevalent in Brahman community since ages.
My family used to say " one day, you will be a homemaker, you will have your own family..what will your in-laws say if you talk such nonsense(talking against religion)...they will blame us for not teaching you religious and cultural values. Do not think like demons...one day you will be a mother, your children will turn wild"

I tried hard to explain them but my efforts were in vain. All I got was criticism. I decided to move on with the flow but deep down I was still an atheist, a humanist and a feminist. But  I was optimistic about getting a life partner who would be a free thinker and would understand and support me. Unfortunately, I was married into a more conservative and religious family. And then the actual struggle began. It was very suffocating to live with such illogical thoughts and follow ridiculous rituals.
Initially, I tolerated the violence but then i had to raise a voice for human rights  because I want my child to be a part of a good,logical, liberal and safe society and i cannot achieve it with silence. I am still fighting...it is me versus the whole family smile. But I am happy that I could bring some change to my Husband's thinking though I am still struggling. the society I live in just cannot accept a woman who is atheist.
I don't want to force atheism on others..all i want is freedom. Live and let live. Everyone is free to share their thoughts , views/opinions and live the life the way he/she wants. But it should not be against morality or humanity. Everyone should contribute towards the betterment of the society and as we all know charity begins at home. I began insisting on morality and humanity in my family.  I fought against superstition and I learnt that it is not easy to eradicate the ills of the religious beliefs so soon. But, I will continue with my revolution as now I knw I am not alone and now I have the space to pour my heart out.

Thanks for creating this community!
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Some crazy, mentally disturbed dudes in the past did not get to date women or marry them and they became unhappy. They did not want other men to have a pleasant relation with women and enjoy the life. So, they created convoluted religious stories to demoralize women at every step of the way.

Manu Smrithi (Hindu Dharma shastra) is a great example.
Not a woman so my comment will never do justice to the actual experience of Freethinker women, but to me at most places it looks like patriarchy making it so difficult for women to come out as atheists. Basically patriarchy has that fundamental nature of being paranoid about digressions of women.
Hi, Ananya,
I think I can relate to your experience to a great extent. Also being born and raised as a girl in a Hindu Bhramin family, the no-questions-asked mentality is stifling. And the constant reference to the as yet non existent husband and in laws are annoying, to say the least. I hated it. They do more to repel us from religion and patriarchy than we give them credit for. Like we always hear, women are the staunchest supporters of patriarchy, and the most stifled by religion are their most devoted. We all are slowly but surely reversing that trend, and we hope that soon a child will not be branded by the religion of its parents, or its caste, or gender, but not branded at all. It is a utopia, but it is our dream. Until then, have faith (no pun intended) that there are others out there, too, and you are not alone. Kudos to you for trying to raise a freethinking child, and I would love to chat if you like!

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