Yoga helps cancer patients??

I see a strawman here. They are comparing yoga to generic stretching. They should be comparing it with a regular fitness regime with a fitness instructor. The link to "spirituality" is as usual total bull.

Any thoughts?
"The findings will be presented next month to the American Society of Clinical Oncology."

All they have is a claim that a study was done. I won't give this too much credit yet. Let's see when the actual study comes out.
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I would like to see a study showing the effects of many different types of exercises and physical treatments besides just yoga and stretching. I would think getting a daily massage would also be helpful as would perhaps walking or swimming. The big finding seems to be the drop in cortisol levels but I wonder if that happens with other exercises too? And if more strenuous or active exercises would further reduce cortisol levels?
Ursula - Has anyone ever used Kareo for billing patients?
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