Zaid Kasim Ghazzawi: Another Islamic pseudoscientific trash talker

The example is at 8:01 is so wrong, one would wonder if anyone but uneducated Muslims will be taken in by this. But I saw it on the IISc FB page, and could not resist a scathing reply (and a trivial debunking) -!/post...1633448775 (I hope the link works).
Aditya Manthramurthy
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I saw your rational criticism of the video on your IISc facebook group. You said:

Quote:" Fine, let's consider it rationally. At 3:43 in the video, he shows a verse from the koran, that says, "and he who originates the creation, then repeats it, and this is easier for him." This is the line that is supposed to teach us that a better way to compress images would be to use a building block and a method to generate the rest of the image??! Think rationally! The key word is building block, which is missing in the koran."

Even before we go there, I would like to question the premise. Can all images can be reduced to fractals? But yes, even if we could, the passage that the guy cherry-picks says nothing of that sort.

Of course, the more general argument against this nonsense is that the koran doesn't seem to have done much for the Muslim world in terms of technological success. It's just cherry-picking followed by post hoc reasoning.
"Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian"
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wow.. the great quranic method.. how wonderful.. I cant wait to buy the next quran-pod, quran-pad. Where do I place my order?
Can women also use them? Oh.. How I regret not joining a madrassa in my childhood, and studying quran technology..

Zaid Kasim.. The next Steve Jobs!!
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