do puranas tell history?
In the Puranas it is given that the Raghuvanshi's(descendants of Rama) fought on the side of Kauravas. Moreover, the grandaughter of Rama was wedded to relatives of Krishna. It is said that the time difference between Ramayana and Mahabharta is 5000 years. If this is true it means that two generations of Rama's descendants spanned 2500 years each, which is is unbelievable. Thus we can conclude that the time between Rama's birth and the birth of Krishna would be 50 years at the most.
In Agni Purana widow remarriage is given sanction.
The Puranas are supposed to record history as well as be spiritual guides. There are kings in Purana who adopted Jainism but were condemned for the same.
Giving alms to the poor and providing for the Ashramas was natural.
Will the Hindus accept history as told by Puranas.
The descendents of Rama fought on Kaurava side in Mahabharta War.

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