fooling since time begin....
Hey everybody, 

i just stumbled upon your webpage, was searching for groups of non religious but spiritual groups, i believe in God or some higher power whatever anyone may call it, but the concept of religion to me seems like a concept created to fool the people. It divides people and make people do so horrendous (all the wars & hatred for others )and some so stupid things, like right now its Navratras and someone in my neighborhood is still playing (2:52am)"jai mata di" song (bad parody of bollywood songs) on loud speaker, don't really understand what they will get out of this except creating noise and keeping others awake some of whom have to go to office/college/school. This is just a one thing, very little thing but just shows how religion completely blinds us to any common sense, in hope of achieving some supernatural experience or going to heaven or what not.  

Needed to get out some of my frustration and choose your blog.       

Hope its Ok.;)

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