hi to all :)
hi guys,

i'm Magesh Dhasayyan, working as a software engineer in Chennai

as for beliefs, i do NOT believe in religion and i do not pray. but i'm no atheist either (no offense). i'm interested in the philosophy of life, human psychology in terms of inter personal relationships. i am an introvert and believe in close relationships with people (which usually takes a long time to build) and hence the curiosity in understanding how people think (psychology). i love the works of George Carlin. i like Russelll Peters too :)

i'm learning to play the guitar. i listen to rock, pop and anything in the top 40. my music interests are not strict and change with the seasons :P.

i'm NOT a big fan on formula tamil movies. i like the variety of hollywood movies, bollywood sometimes.

i do booze and love beer.

that's a kind of haphazard introduction. https://www.facebook.com/magesh.dhasayyan is my profile.

hoping to have intellectual conversations with each of you. i have strong opinions on certain things that are majorly wrong in the current society, but i listen to reason and love to debate and learn more in the process and i do respect the views and opinions of people as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

hope to chat with you guys soon.

Hi Magesh,
Welcome to Nirmukta.
I see that you have joined the Chennai Freethinkers group too - do join us in our monthly meets.
Thanks Geetha!!
I look forward to attending the monthly meeting smile
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