individuality and atheism
Atheism respects individuality in all humans. It gives humans the freedom to evolve into better humans without belief in any particular religion. It gives us the freedom to choose our own path. We learn from our experiences and develop our own system of beliefs. I think atheists need a philosophy which would provide a fundamental framework. Atheists would then fill free to face the world.
(20-Feb-2015, 10:16 PM)praggy1973 Wrote: I think atheists need a philosophy which would provide a fundamental framework. Atheists would then fill free to face the world.

And Freethought, which is what this group is about, IS that philosophy.
Personally for me the philosophy is simple :

Only the natural world exists; we are atheists because no one has provided any objective evidence that there is something beyond this material world.
As I have written in a philosophical forum, the believers think that God created the unicellular organisms and then proceeded on to create more complex life forms. Humans were created much later. Now, what we have here is a God who thinks about His creations and also gets bored with them. The believers say that God destroyed the dinosaurs. He, probably got bored with the dinosaurs. After much contemplation HE must have created humans.
It should also be noted that GOD did not give the holy books to humans immediatley. HE waited for evolution. He waited for humans to prepare liquor,wine, etc. HE also did not give one book to all people of faith. According to Zakir Naik, who is a scholar in comparative religions all the religions and their holy books were supposed to guide them only for some period of time, now these religions and their books are obsolete.
Zakir Naik alos needs to answer the question:Why did GOD not kill all the pigs that are considered Haram in Islam. Is he so powerless that he cannot kill the pigs, when infact he had killed all the dinosaurs?
It is a known fact since ancient times that liquor destroys families. I think the banning of liquor in Islam is logical.
Moreover, it is given in the holy book of Muslims that humans are going to be killed by a scientific event. The book says that one day will be 5 million years long . If one looks at the fact that the SUN is going to end its life by becoming a red giant which will engulf the Earth for 5 million years, we come to know that Muslim holy book is scientific and reliable source to know humanities future and we are not going to be killed because GOD got bored with us. That makes me think whether the dinosuars were killed by God in the first place. The cockroaches survived the era of dinosaurs and has continued to be with us since millions of years(since age of dinosaurs).
Moreover in Jews and Muslims the men are cicumcised. Why are men not born circumcised? Can the God not create circumcised men in the first place? Does that mean that God has limitations in creating humn race?
All these questions need to be answered.

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