introducing Jayesh
here's a platform for us to interact, while we share a common goal, purpose ... and possibly a chartered plan. no better way than to introduce ourselves to each other.

am going to start by sharing some secrets (dark as chocolate!) and my capabilities.
that balding chap you see on the photo is a 43 year old graphic designer - based in Dubai. he's been dabbling with spirituality, occult, philosophies, ideologies, heresy, cultures, social behaviour, etc. ... with a touch of skeptism that allowed him to peek at everything in perspective and hopefully understand better. so here he is ... older, wiser(!), balder ... but certainly mellower. he perceives everything with a smirk on his face and brows raised. the search goes on. there is never a finish-point when it comes to the study of any subject - and the topics that interest him are abysmal. this is going to be one lifelong journey.

through this forum, he hopes to learn, share and see truth from a new dimension. the result of which he will bring change in the people he speaks to ... or atleast persuade them to remove those rose-tinted glasses.

now, let me hear a bit about you. :idea:
A poet's autobiography is his poetry. Anything else is just a footnote." -Yevgeny Yevtushenko(Russian Poet)

(A part time dipsomaniac.) Ignore the parenthesis.

I have lived and will always live, my life as it can be lived at its best, with art, music, poetry, literature, science, philosophy, and thought. I shall know the keener people of this world, think the keener thoughts, and taste the keener pleasures, as long as I can and as much as I can. That's the real practical use of self-education and self-culture. It converts a world which is only a good world for those who can win at its ruthless game into a world good for all of us. Your education is the only thing that nothing can take from you in this life.
-Roland Gross, The independent scholar.

Am the quintessential autodidact and aspiring Urdu poet (sha'yer). Poetry, language, literature, philosophy, mathematics, autodidactism and writing are my passions. I believe in living passionately, fully, completely, every moment of it and in every color.

You see things and you say "Why?" I dream things that never were and say "Why not?"

I am a dreamer who takes comfort in the word visionary. I know- wishful thinking, but isn't reality for those who have no imagination? I aspire to be a poet and writer or something like that. However, like Søren Kierkegaard once said, "I would rather be a swineherd, understood by the swine, than a poet misunderstood by men."

Har gizz kissi kay dil mein naheen hai meri jagah,
Hoon mein kalam-e-naghz walay na shuneedah hoon

There is no place for me, In the heart of any one;
I am an eloquent speech, Which is so far unheard.

I am an atheist. And I am happy we finally have a community of our own.

Nazeeruddin Ikram
-Nazeeruddin Ikram
Hello Jayesh, Hi Ikram ..

I have already posted my introduction in the first thread, buzzed in to say "HII" .
I love English literature and poetry too !! Cheerz !!

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