letter to budding flowers, my friends
They can comment on this work:

Ø Who think education system is ruined

Ø Who feel bad with spoon feeding

Ø Who promote one to be with tons of ideas rather having tons of information

Ø Who think education can/should change animals to men

Ø Who can’t dream education changing men to animals

Ø Who feel end of education is wisdom but not marks

Ø Who can differentiate men and machines

Ø Who feel bad as destruction is finding place back to prosperity

Ø Who think education should teach how to live rather teaching(paving path) how to suicide

Ø Who feel education should promote to fly with colours rather building prison between words, binding to single talent

Ø Who can’t ignite budding blossoms (designing their fate before they can see the world with their eyes)

Ø Those who are free thinkers

Ø Who wish their children, their society, their country, humanity to lead a prosperous life

Lets create a healthy environment to nourish, incubate their ideas. Let them to discover their own world. Let them to be architects of their own colourful world. Just as each seed contains the future tree, each child is born with infinite potential.

Join this moment generously, promote freeware revolution

Reach me at pbvamsi@gmail.com

Teachers do fail. Learners never fail.

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