myth of secularism????
I intended to live in Karnataka alone because I had decided to eschew a life of comfort. I wanted peace and a sense of fulfillfment purpose.
Some words slipped out of my tongue which insulted Muslims. My balance did the rest. Hindus told me to avoid Shringeri or face death. I kept wandering in search of a place with water  and food. Sometimes I had slip of tongue and Muslims drove me out of Karnataka threatening to finish me if I stayed. Later I came to know that they spared me because my face was an afterthought. 
Somehow I reached Belgaum, where I took the transport to Pune. Some government inofficials told me to get down before Nipani as Muslims were on rampage. I did get down and started towards Kolhapur. I crossed Nipani harmlessly. Alas!!! I had been fooled by the inofficial government servants.
Kolhapur was already waiting for me. The inofficial computing men forced me to walk towards Karad. Words were slipping out of my mouth. Muslims were enraged. Hindus too joined Muslims in condemning my slip of tongue.
The story is long.India will remain secular as long as it accepts its pecking order inofficially.

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