new social system for atheist
by social system i mean 3 essential things: birth, death and marriage. this 3 things must be different for atheists. generally theists connect god to these 3 things in some way. but atheists must not connect god any way.

for atheists, marriage should be a registered one in the eye of law. without resorting to temple, fire, mosque or church, atheists should celebrate with parties, bar-b-cues etc.

for atheists death should be registered with a death certificate. the body will be disposed off according to wish of the dead: burn or bury or donate to medical institution. there should not be any recitation of either mantra or kalema or bible in death rather atheists should recite what scientists say about death.

atheists should celebrate birth with joy, party etc. the child should be initiated to science much the same way a child is initiated into religion.

this way there should be a separate community and society for atheists and freethinkers
don't have anybody anything to say? will you agree or not? speak up my friend, don't be shy.

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