on tour
My next round of UP and Bihar is in June,2010. The schedule is as follows:

May 31st reaching Lucknow at 8 pm.

June 1st to 5th a 5 day training program at Lucknow organised by VIKAS and catalysed and supported by NCSTC.

June 7 to 11 a 5 day training program at Allhabad. The organisers and supporters are same as above.

June 13th to 17th a 5 day training program at Gaziabad organisers and supporters same as above.

I will be free on the 18th and 19th morning. I will be going to Patna on the 19th and will return to Delhi on the 20th night.

on 21st morning I will be going from Delhi to Mangalore.

The dates of 18th are free and even on the evenings of the dates at Gaziabad could be utilised by Delhi groups if they can arrange for transport.

The contact organisation is VICAS and the person in charge is Dr.S.K.Singh whose mobile no is+9194509 61953.
Any one interested in joining these programs or in meeting me during this period can contact him for details.
Have reached Vijayawada at 1 am on the 14th. There is a three day program here on scientific out look. Dr.Vijayam of the Atheist center has informed me that there has been very good publicity in the local press and has also arranged for an interview by the All India Radio.
Then on to Chennai for a one day program at the Anna Planetarium on the 17th. I am told that more than a hundred school children have already registered for it.
when are you visiting Kerala next ?
Since Kerala is very close visiting it is no big deal! please let me know when you are interested in organising any activity. There is a proposal for a training program at Kottayam in the next month or so at present.

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