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Here is a recent panel discussion from NDTV India which seems pertinent to this thread, as it discusses issues like the accumulation of wealth in Indian shrines and the somewhat underwhelming response of the Indian billionaire club to the call of philanthropy.
Here is a recent news item about an astonishing archaeological find in India laying bare the 'poor country with rich gods' paradox and illustrating how it is freethinkers who are on the side of philanthropy while religious conservatives seem all for hoarding.


It is somewhat bemusing that even many votaries of 'secularism' who make the case for philanthropy do so by saying that philanthropy is something that 'pleases the Lord' irrespective of whether it taxes temples, and there are other votaries of 'secularism' who believe that secularism is best upheld by upholding the rights of deities as juristic persons!

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