the caste and system.
The caste is real and souls of the world belongs to four caste. The godly community of sun dynasty is only Brahmins and they are only less than 16108. The ungodly community of asur are also Brahmins and not shoodras( are also very less may be less than a million). As they climb down the ladder they become shoodras in the end. And as a result of degradation of both of this Brahmins the world also become an inhabitants of shoodras. So in other words no one is Brahmin for eternity. And if some one think he is Brahmin just because he is born into a Brahmin family by womb then he is wrong. The definition for Brahmin is given as the mouth born prajani of brahma. Which means the souls who take lecture from brahma to take a spiritual birth. For example the sai bakth are mouth born but not Brahmins. again it is defined the kuk vamsa vali bramins are asurs. means they did not listen to the knowledge but only took the love from brahma. The Brahmins of the womb is worldly issue and it should not be mixed with Brahmins of brahma.
thank you
They are less than 16108? What does that mean? Not that the rest of the post made much sense.
(07-Jul-2013, 03:19 AM)Sachin1 Wrote: They are less than 16108? What does that mean? Not that the rest of the post made much sense.
actually it is 16108. that is the number shown in the book as the friends of krishna. the number 8 is considered the one become equal to krishna. They are worshiped in india.

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